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Breed: Female Westie
Ede, Netherlands
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Born: November, 1995
Breed: Female Westie
Residence: Ede, Netherlands
Weight: 13 lbs (6.5 kg)

Favorite food: Chicken and my bone.

Favorite toy: Tennis Ball, my mom's old glove, my Christmas mouse.

Favorite activity: Playing with my ball, walking on the beach, sleeping on my dad's pillow, cuddling with mom, playing with my human neighbour girl friend Jhorna. What I don't like is when mom wants to make me more beautiful than I am already!

Special talents: Digging holes in the ground, I bark for a cookie, standing straight up for a cookie etc.

Most embarrassing moment: When I had to wear a baby jumpsuite after I had been spayed!

Most trouble I ever got into: Two weeks ago, I was walking and playing with mom, I was attacked by a very aggressive Cat. Even after my warning he would not stop, he keep on beating with his claws and after he put his nails in to my backside (like a Tiger) I became very angry. And when he let go of me I jumped at him and...alas, I be ashamed to say it, but during the fight we got into I killed this pussy cat.

My favorite friends: My best friend alive is Teddy, the Bouvier who lives with dad's parents, but my most dearest friend was the Scottish Terrier Sjimmie van Brabant-Hof. She was born 1 day before me and mom and dad bought us together. I'm sad to say that she only lived for 11 weeks and mom, dad and I still miss her! My biggest enemies are...cats.

Biggest adventure: One of my adventures was when I was walking and playing with mom and my ball got into the water. I thought I will not go home without my ball, but the water was so cold. So I howled and barked so loud, that mom felt sorry for me. (She loves me very much you know and will do everything for me). She wanted to get my ball out of the water, but the ground was very slippery, she slipped and fell into the water. Everyone was laughing because mom was all wet, but I got my ball!!! And you know what, she was not even mad at me!

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