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Breed: Female Westie
Manhattan, New York
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Born: September, 1988
Breed: Female Westie
Residence: Manhattan, New York
Weight: 18 pounds

Favorite food: My favorite food is whatever Mommy is eating at the moment but I do adore "whipped cream from the can" or chicken, beef or turkey...and occasionally pieces of bagel preferably with cream cheese.

Favorite toy: "Leo", a stuffed lion and now, "John Croc", a stuffed crocodile..."Boo boo" the raccoon is another favorite toy of mine.

Favorite activity: "Window watching" from the sofa. I see all the action of First Avenue...squirrels, motorcyles and the garbage truck are my absolute favorites...they make me bark like crazy.

Special talents: I have a talent for going up to strange men on the street and flirting like crazy. I am very pretty and coy and a true terrier: manipulative and observant.

Most embarrassing moment: When I peed on Mommy's best friend's outdoor mat in front of her Mother at her magnificent house in the country...whoa, was Mom embarrassed...but I made up for it with licks and a few cute poses. You should see that house...it is my second home and where the picture of me was taken.

Most trouble I ever got into: The most trouble I have ever gotten into was when I jumped out of Mommy's car on First Avenue in the middle of traffic...can you believe that Mom jumped out and stopped traffic...phew, a very close call!

My favorite friends: I do love all of Mommy's friends and have a few dog friends too, like my boyfriend Duncan and A.K., Westies that live in the building. I have one main enemy - a poodle named Candy who lives in the building. We are mortal enemies and growl at each other daily. I am tough though and can hold my own. Candy even went after Mommy one day.

Biggest adventure: My biggest adventure was probably jumping onto a raft in the pool in the country...I was so funny, everbody laughed nervously but you know who came immediately to the rescue. Probably my most horrible moment was when I had to go into the hospital for mast cell cancer...but lucky for me, the wonderful Doctor Barone caught it in time and I am in very good health. I have a guardian Angel...did you know that? I am a very happy terrier with lots of friends and good times and I am Included Everywhere Mommy goes and welcome too, as long as there are no other dogs around. Then I behave like a perfect lady except for a little table begging now and then.

Member since May 2001 (or earlier)
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