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Ceilidh & Hamish
Breed: Female and Male Cairn
Hampshire, England
Ceilidh & Hamish
Ceilidh & Hamish
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Born: Jul' 95, Jul '99
Breed: Female and Male Cairn
Residence: Hampshire, England
Weight: Hamish): A little more than I should...
(Ceilidh): Just right...

Favorite food: (Hamish): Cheese and Liver Cake.
(Ceilidh): If it's edible I'll try it!

Favorite toy: (Hamish): My rubber ball.
(Ceilidh): Does it move, squeak, fly, wriggle? I really love the Guinea Pigs in the garden.

Favorite activity: (Hamish): When out on a walk I love to keep the local wild life in order specially the deer. Someone has to keep them in check after all.
(Ceilidh): Playing with anyone willing to take me on.

Special talents: (Hamish): I have been known to bring home a rossette from obedience competitions ( not very often though). I can say please by barking on command and also sit up and beg. I have also passed the Kennel Club Good Citizen award at Bronze and Silver level and am working for the Gold now. But my best talent is just looking cute.
(Ceilidh): Looking cute and beautiful.

Most embarrassing moment: (Hamish): I'm proud of everything I do no matter what.
(Ceilidh): Mum getting commands mixed up in obedience class.

Most trouble I ever got into: (Hamish): Getting lost after chasing some deer and being forced to ask a lady to phone the number on my tag to ask mum to pick me up. Collars are annoying at times but PLEASE fellow puppies NEVER lave home without yours.
(Ceilidh): Digging up the lawn and trying to catch the Guinea Pigs.

My favorite friends: (Hamish): I quite like my big brother Shadow a rough Collie and my baby sister Ceilidh a Cairn. But my best friends are Cracker the Norwich and Boo the Norfolk terriers.
(Ceilidh): I really like my big brothers Hamish (cairn) and Shadow (rough Collie).

Biggest adventure: (Hamish): Mum and I went on a really long sponsored walk to help other less fortunate Cairns. It was 100 miles long and lasted 5 days. I didn't know the world was such a big place!
(Ceilidh): Life is one big adventure when you're only 18 weeks old.

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