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Breed: Female Westie
Christchurch, New Zealand
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Born: March, 1993
Breed: Female Westie
Residence: Christchurch, New Zealand
Weight: 18 lbs (8.1 Kg)

Favorite food: The vet said Eukenuba is a good balanced diet so I have that but I also have other things for variety. I especially like peas.

Favorite toy: My squeaker toy which I use to bat a tennis ball with. (I'm not a "fetching" dog).

Favorite activity: Going to the beach for a long walk and fossick.

Special talents: Running really fast. And I can "squeak" my squeaker toy and go "brrrr" at the same time as batting the ball.

Most embarrassing moment: When I first started going out for walks on the lead, we stopped to talk to a friend and I peed all over the lady's shoe. I'm sure I could smell "dog" on it anyway.

Most trouble I ever got into: The day I bit the groomer! Well, he hurt me with that handstripping stuff and I was only little. He called me a really rude name!

My favorite friends: Any Westies.

Biggest adventure: Going on the plane when we moved home from the North Island to the South Island.

My web page: Meg's Website
Member since May 2001 (or earlier)
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