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Breed: Male Westie
New Jersey
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Born: January, 1995
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: New Jersey
Weight: 27 1/2 lbs (I am big boned!)

Favorite food: This may take a while- I love bread that my daddy makes, I enjoy corn, I eat it right off the cob, I also like ice cream...let's see... I think it is easier to say what I don't like! I don't like olives or seafood or strawberries...there that was easier!

Favorite toy: That is a toss up. I like the mailman squeak toy that I picked out myself from the local pet store, and I like my stuffed headgehog, if I bite it hard enough it squeaks and drives everyone crazy...I like that.

Favorite activity: I like going for rides in the car, only if we are going to the pet store or somewhere fun, I don't like going to the vet. I also enjoy going for walks, I get my own leash when I want to go!

Special talents: I can sit, lay down, and give a high five. I also got a certificate from my groomer when I let her trim my toe nails...I bit her the last time she tried to do that to me.

Most embarrassing moment: When I was a puppy, I was running along the top of the couch chasing my brother the cat when all of a sudden I fell off the couch and flipped over and landed on my back, of course everyone was in the room and seen this so I had to jump up quick and pretend that I was ok so no one got scared. The other time was the first time I went to the pet store, I was so excited that I went wee-wee on the floor, all the other dogs looked and laughed at me and my mommy had to wipe it up.

Most trouble I ever got into: I get into trouble a lot when company comes over to the house, I don't know why but I have to bite them, I don't mean to do it, it just happens. I have to go into my mom's room when someone is over 'cause I can't control myself...one time someone had to go to the hospital because I bit her ear, I said I was sorry but I still got into a lot of trouble. I heard them talking about obedience school, so I think I will be good for a while.

My favorite friends: I have a lot of friends, I enjoy running along the fence with my neighbors, Mugsy (Pekineese) and Bear (German Shepherd mix), and I am also friends with their uncle Links, he is an Akita. I see my actual brother Winston about once a month, that is always fun...however I don't like my other brother Midnight, he is a cat...we just tolerate each other.

Biggest adventure: My mom took me for a ride in the car to mail letters at the post office, it was pretty late at night, she figured she would park the car and walk me to the mailbox so I could do my business when all of a sudden here comes a squirrel! I wiggled myself out of my collar and took off after this squirrel...I didn't catch him, but I am very lucky it was so late at night and that there were no cars on the road 'cause I found myself in the middle of main street. My mom finally caught me, picked me up and brought me to the car where I got yelled at..,never did that again. Now I stick to chasing squirrels in my own backyard.

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