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Breed: Female Cairn
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Born: December, 1997
Breed: Female Cairn
Residence: Georgia
Weight: A huggable & voluptuous 20+ pounds (real Southern belles never tell their true weight!)

Favorite food: Never a picky eater, I will dine on almost anything. I especially love graham crackers and popsicles. The only thing I won’t eat is onion (I figure doggie breath can be bad enough without the addition of onions!).

Favorite toy: My fleece lamb, Fleecia, who I like to carry all over the house with me, and my ugly black rubber frog.

Favorite activity: I LOVE going on car rides with my parents!! I always get SO excited when it is time to go out because I think that means we are going for a ride.

Special talents: Hiding my bone-shaped treats so my parents can’t find them (and sometimes so that I can’t!)

Most embarrassing moment: Chasing my tail around and around, and running & rolling on the carpet and around the house after bath. Oh, yeah, and that time I tried to jump on my parent’s bed and didn’t make it. I wasn’t hurt but I landed on my back with my legs flailing in the air like a roach!

Most trouble I ever got into: Anytime I pee-pee in the house! The worst was when I pee-peed on my mom & dad’s bed and soiled all the sheets, blankets, and mattress pad!! Boy, were they mad!

My favorite friends: Though I have never met them personally, I love writing to my British "cousins" and pen-pals – Heidi, Toby and Charlie in England (Toby and Charlie are Terrier Club members too -- they are the ones who told me about the club!)

Biggest adventure: When my parents adopted me and brought me to my new home. My "birth" mom was a really nice lady but she and her husband decided to divorce. Then, she had to start working and she didn’t feel she could care for me as well anymore. She put me up for adoption, and my new parents came to see me – it was love at first sight for us both! Though I miss my birth mom (we still keep in touch) my new parents are great – they love me bunches and spoil me rotten! It took me awhile to adjust but now I love my new home!

Member since May 2001 (or earlier)
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