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Breed: Female Westie
Thunder Bay,Ontario
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Born: November, 1998
Breed: Female Westie
Residence: Thunder Bay,Ontario
Weight: I'm still growing but I think at last count about 12 pounds!

Favorite food: Puppy Biscuits, my Eukanuba food, ice cream, french fries (a rare treat) and anything left over by my human baby brother that falls on the floor, mom loves what a good vaccuum cleaner I am!

Favorite toy: It's a purple ball covered in soft fur that looks like a dinosaur and it squeaks and bounces, and of course my double-ended furry fish with rope loops on each end so I can play tug!!

Favorite activity: Digging, digging, digging and running around in circles wildly around my yard so fast that I look like a blur, and of course, snuggles!

Special talents: I'm just learning but I do play a mean game of fetch and am learning to shake a paw!

Most embarrassing moment: The time my older Human brother and I got water from the kiddie pool and dumped it into Mom and Dad's flower garden and tried to dig to China! I was covered with mud and looked like a black dog! I was soooo embarrassed, took me 3 baths to become white again!

Most trouble I ever got into: I'm a pretty good girl, lots of trouble with the digging thing, also I pee on the carpet a lot if I'm jealous or my nose is out of joint!

My favorite friends: A westie friend named Daisy and of course,I love to torment my cat brother Jaime!

Biggest adventure: Well, I'm a little young for an adventure yet. However, I did have a very trying time when Mommy was in the hospital for 6 weeks and I didn't know where she was, it was very traumatic for me!

My web page: Katie's Website
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