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Chelsey and Meshia
Breed: Female Cairns
Chelsey and Meshia
Chelsey and Meshia
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Born: January 1998, October 1998
Breed: Female Cairns
Residence: Ohio
Weight: 20 lbs, 18 lbs

Favorite food: Chelsey: Liver treats - Meshia: Everything

Favorite toy: Chelsey: Anything the squeaks. - Meshia: Balls, I love to play ball.

Favorite activity: Chelsey: Chasing squirrels and chasing squirrels, barking at squirrels. - Meshia: Playing fetch, and chasing squirrels.

Special talents: Chelsey: Same talent all terriers have...chase any rodent that comes around! - Meshia: Special talent is I just love life, not a care in the world.

Most embarrassing moment: Chelsey: Went potty on my grandma's sofa but you must understand I was only 3 months old! - Meshia: When I fell off the chair.

Most trouble I ever got into: Chelsey: When I ate a hole in mom's chair and carpet. - Meshia: When I hide from mom, and won't come in the house.

My favorite friends: Chelsey: Meshia and Chloe and of course mom and dad. - Meshia: Chelsey and Chloe.

Biggest adventure: Chelsey: Obedience school at least I made it an adventure for mom...Clicker's yea right! - Meshia: Going swimming by accident in our

My web page: Chelsey and Meshia's Website
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