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Breed: Male Cairn
Rock Hill, South Carolina
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Born: I'm a rescue, so I'm keeping that to myself
Breed: Male Cairn
Residence: Rock Hill, South Carolina
Weight: 23 pounds

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Favorite food: What? I can only pick one? How 'bout bell peppers and anything else edible (except tomatoes. YUCK!).

Favorite toy: Ambitious (peke mix), my person, squeaky green monster, pink food bowl, anything thrown.

Favorite activity: Digging, snapping at any flying bug, playing with Ambitious, going to the park with my person's dad, walking with my person, chasing cats, eating and sleeping, snuggling with my person, running like a maniac, barking at the raccoon who steals the cat's food, chasing tree rats. It's a full life, what can I tell ya?

Special talents: I wiggle my entire fanny in the morning to greet my person. See, my tail was cut off by this man who rescued me when some people threw me away. Anyway, my tail was all nasty and infected, so that guy had it removed. Or at least that's what he told the folks at the Humane Society.

Most embarrassing moment: I'm a terrier. I don't get embarrassed!

Most trouble I ever got into: But I do get into trouble! My person's dad was walking me one night, and I saw a cat! And what luck, the leash came off! So off I went into the woods at a dead run. It was great! Until I realized I had no idea where I was or how to get home. Fortunately, my person and her dad followed me as fast as they could (which wasn't very fast 'cause they don't fit under trees and stuff.) Anyway, my person lost a shoe in a creek, trying to get to me. Eventually they got me and bathed me in the kitchen sink. Can you believe it? I'm not a potato! I'm a cairn! Actually, I didn't get in trouble for chasing the cat -- it was the ticks I picked up in the woods that caused the biggest ruckus!

My favorite friends: Ambitious (a peke-mix who's about my age, I think. She came from a rescue place as a puppy.) And I love my person! But if she's not around, which happens a lot on the weekend (I think she's seeing another guy named Shay. She says he's a horse, but all I know is --he's competition!) I hang with her mom or dad, whoever's eating. (Just kidding!).

Biggest adventure: Well, that would have to be my adoption. See, the guy who cut off my tail owned a chow. And he tied me out in his yard next to the chow. Don't know what you know about chows, but they're pretty territorial. So I got my clock cleaned on a regular basis. Anyway, he decided he liked the chow better than me (Can you believe it?!) and turned me over to the Humane Society. Now my person had been looking for a cairn for a while. And when her mom read an ad in the newspaper about me, she was on the phone in a flash! Turns out I had been promised to someone else, but that didn't work out (thank Heavens!) and I came to live with my person. It was rough at first. Right off the bat, I tried to mount Ambitious, and I attacked Little Big Man (who's name is much more ominous than he is!) That got me stuck in the garage in a X-pen, but my person brought me inside in the x-pen so I could learn about the family without getting into trouble. (A good way to introduce new four-legged members to the family, by the way.) From there, I went to the vet for some surgery, which I won't explain here, and came home missing a few items that were dear to my heart. After about two months, I was settled in, and things have been outstanding since!

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