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Breed: Female Westie
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Born: I'm a rescue and the puppy mill didn't release my birthday date
Breed: Female Westie
Residence: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Weight: 12 pounds.

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The shy one

Favorite food: I am still trying all kinds of foods, I like most of them.

Favorite toy: I had never had a toy before, but I like things that squeak.

Favorite activity: I like to set on the back of Mom's couch and watch everyone and I also like to go for walks.

Special talents: My new Mom and Pop think everything I do is special.

Most embarrassing moment: I am still trying to understand words, what's embarrassing?

Most trouble I ever got into: When Pop's friend came over, I got scared and fell off the back of the couch, I thought I was in trouble but Mom just gave me a hug and said it was OK.

My favorite friends: I never had friends before, now I have a big sister Tasha, and a baby sister Phoenix, so they are my friends now.

Biggest adventure: Life, this is an adventure. Just walking out on the deck in the mornings with my sisters is great.

My web page: Faith's Website
Member since 04/01/2002
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