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Ralph and Abby
Breed: Male and Female Westies
Omaha, Nebraska
Ralph and Abby
Ralph and Abby
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Born: Jun '94, Jul '98, Feb '02
Breed: Male and Female Westies
Residence: Omaha, Nebraska
Weight: 20 lbs, 14 lbs, 22 lbs

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Abby Lu and Ralphie of Omaha

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A.J. and the kids in Omaha

Favorite food: Cat treats, steak bites, whatever our parents like. Winnie - Everything that someone else is eating & carrots.

Favorite toy: Our cat Chuckie, "cookie man" monkey, bug, hedgehog, pig, froggie, teddie, tennis bal. Winnie- My hedgehog & frog.

Favorite activity: Chasing squirrels, playing "get you" games with each other, licking our cat "Chuckie", digging for ground squirrels, looking for mice, riding on our Dad's 4 wheeler, boat rides, swimming, greeting anyone who looks like a nice person, riding in the car, "sniggling" with Mom, watching our home for another squirrel invasion, posing for photos for Mom...again, and again and again...letting our Dad know it's time to go to the lake house and look for more squirrels, deer, and opposums. Winnie- Zooming with Ralph & Abby Lu. Riding the 4 wheeler and golf cart.

Special talents: We are a team..the best of friends...we work together to be "in charge of our Mom and Dad". We were the August calendar winners of the Westie.net website (our photo was taken on the back of our boat with our Westie friends who came to visit on the 4th of July...It is a wonderful photo on www.Westies.net (August Calendar winner)...imagine 4 Westies all looking at you at the same time on the back of a boat!!! We also just won the October Westies of the month vote on Sheena's Westie pages, and due to us winning the Oct. Westies of the month (this was created by Sheena's parents) we now have our own Web page (see below). Winnie- I SMILE ALL the time. My tail never stops wagging. I am a Very Happy girl!!!

Most embarrassing moment: Both of us when we were little would get VERY EXCITED and wet on our Mom's clients shoes...one time Abby Lu wet down a silk dress while she was greeting a client..Oh, MY! Winnie- Mom caught me in the cat box looking for crunchies!!!

Most trouble I ever got into: Ralphie: chewing up Dad's shoes. Abby Lu: chewing up Mom's shoes. Winnie- I chewed the base of the table & also chew anything that the Cat pushes down on the floor for me.

My favorite friends: Chuckie, the great big wonderful grey persian who decided his home would be "OK" to be invaded and shared with Westies..1st one (Ralphie) and then 2nd (4 years later) another cute little Wesite girl(Abby Lu). Rusty, our neighbor,a snoodle and Duncan and Maissey, our Westie friends on the Westie.net calendar, Duffy a sweet Cairn who lives 2 doors away. Winnie- Ralph & Abby Lu (my big brother and sister) Rusty (poodle), Chin Chin (Japanese Chin), Sadie (Carin) & Maggie (Cocker Spaniel)They are ALL my neighbors.

Biggest adventure: Going to our lake home and of course greeting all of our friends who come to our door. Looking for mice, opposums, squirrels and deer. Going on road trips with Mom and Dad. Winnie- Going to the lake for the Westie Triathalon. We rode the golf cart, the 4 wheeler, the boat, the back of the convertible, chased deer,& did LOTS of Sandy Zoomies.

My web page: Ralph and Abby's Website
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