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Breed: Female Westie
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Born: November, 1995
Breed: Female Westie
Residence: Ohio
Weight: Hee hee...nice try but no way am I saying I'm 17 pounds...OH no!

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Favorite food: My doggy food which my owner says is the best I'll ever get.

Favorite toy: My tug-a-toy.

Favorite activity: Running around so my owner can't catch me to give me my bath!

Special talents: Knowing when it's bath time, being able to chase the neighbor's cats out of yards and into theirs where they belong, being able to make other humans think I'm cute by perking up, wagging my tail and acting cute...which I don't hafta do very often 'cause everyone knows I am the queen of cuteness!

Most embarrassing moment: We have a tile kitchen and well I was running along and suddenly slipped and fell flat on the floor. I was so excited I couldn't help but let a little out! Another time was when my owners forgot that I was downstairs with them so when they went up they closed the door on me...it wasn't till 15 minutes later that they found out I was missing so they opened they door and found me looking at the door wondering what was happening!

Most trouble I ever got into: Really! You wanna know that?! Well, my owners were gone and so I decided that our plant looked good enough to eat and chew up and after that I really had to go so I let one out on our lovely NEW rug and after that I went to bed on my good couch. Boy, when my owners came home they weren't too happy!

My favorite friends: Enemies: The mean dog next door along with his cats. Friends: my pal Bobby next door who is a Westie also.

Biggest adventure: Going downtown to the ol' store where we all enjoy talking and chatting with other people/dogs except when I got there I slipped out of my coller and while my owner chased after me I got to run with an apple in my mouth...having other fellow friends run like the wind with me and to top it off go potty in my friend's yard - then it happened...my owner...she caught me.

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