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Buffy and Missy
Breed: Female Westie and Cairn
Hudson, Iowa
Buffy and Missy
Buffy and Missy
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Born: Apr '03, Jul '03
Breed: Female Westie and Cairn
Residence: Hudson, Iowa
Weight: 18 lbs, 23 lbs

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Buffy and Missy's Adventures

Favorite food: Buffy- Carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, meat, well just about everything. Missy- Me too!

Favorite toy: Tennis balls and rope toys.

Favorite activity: Buffy- play ball, play ball and play ball. Missy- I'm new here but ball is fun I just like to be out and play.

Special talents: Buffy- I'm just so darn cute I don't need any talents. Missy- in the 5 days I've been here my special talent is getting a toy away from Buffy and living to play with it (she doesn't like to share yet but she will!!)

Most embarrassing moment: Buffy- When my aunt Sara visits I get so excited I piddle just a little I try not to but I can't help it. Missy- I haven't had any yet but give me time I'm learning more each day!

Most trouble I ever got into: Buffy-I bit my dad once when he tried to take a turkey made of a pine cone away from me I really wanted it and it was in my mouth so when I tried to get a tighter hold I didn't know my dads thumb was there and well... Boy I won't do that again he was really mad. Missy- I haven't gotten in to much trouble yet except from Buffy again with the sharing thing...

My favorite friends: Buffy- I have lots of human friends and Tracy my cousin dog and Tillie a big German Shepherd cousin and I'm starting to like my new sister Missy. Missy- I only have mom and dad right now but as soon as I get this potty training thing figured out I get to go visiting more and meet Tracy and Tillie and I like my sister Buffy even though she wasn't real happy at first when I showed up.

Biggest adventure: Buffy- My trip from South Dakota to my new home in Iowa when I was 5 weeks old --6 hrs. whew!! On one trip to South Dakota We went camping with my cousin Tillie I was 10 weeks old I weighed 5 Lbs. Tillie weighed 100 lbs boy did we make a funny pair.... Missy- I spent my first 7 months in a pet store cage so my biggest adventure was getting to come home with my mom and dad. I had never been out to play it was so much fun... It was muddy out but mom and dad let me and my new sister Buffy play until we were both covered with mud!

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