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Daisy Doodle
Breed: Female Westie
Elizabethton, Tennessee
Daisy Doodle
Daisy Doodle
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Born: January, 1999
Breed: Female Westie
Residence: Elizabethton, Tennessee
Weight: 15 pounds

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Favorite food: Innova Dry and for treats, baby carrots and apricots.

Favorite toy: My Pop, bear, Warthog, ball, pull toys, Moose, squeaky toys, and a stuffed whale (great for fights).

Favorite activity: GOING! I have my own permanent seat in the car and pickup. My favorite place to go is the river park for walks. We always meet neat doggie friends.

Special talents: My parents think I'm perfect and have many talents. I do give wonderful kisses, sit, stay, lie, give paw and high five. Pop says I'm champion at red spot (chasing the red laser pen). It is my favorite night time activity. I love riding in shopping carts when we go to pet-friendly stores. I expect everyone to speak to me and most do and tell me I'm very well behaved. My nicknames are: Dearest, Woo Woo, Mopit (short for mop head)and dancing bear. I am irrestible to anyone especially my parents when I do my "Woo Woo". I'm very funny when I howl at emergency vehicles when they come by our street. (There is something about the sirens.)

Most embarrassing moment: Westies rarely get embarrassed.

Most trouble I ever got into: CHEWING! I have a long list of things I have destroyed(mostly when I was younger). My teeth are especially strong and beautiful. I have a hideout under my parents bed where I take objects. Mom knows to always check there first when something is missing.

My favorite friends: I have a new baby Cairn sister, Lucy. She is pretty cute and she looks up to me for advice. I am teaching her all my secrets. She really loves chases just like me! My other favorite friend is Smoki(the CAT) my other roommate. She was here first and is often very bossy but we have terrific, wild chases through the house. She has been declawed and cannot go outside. Smoki is solid gray and has the most facinating fluffy long tail. My human sister has two Westies named Roxie and Baxter and a brindle Scottie named Gus who live in California. They are my best cyber friends. Roxie is 5 years old and very beautiful. Baxter is 2 years old and all boy. Gus is 6 months old and thinks he is as big as Baxter. Can you imagine their chases? My human brother has a lovely cat named Margot Ledbetter. She is very clumsy and energetic. He also has a very handsome 7 month old black Labrador Retriever named Trooper. Trooper is all energy and has earned the name "Mr. Distructo". My enemies are the big, fat robins that eat worms from my yard and the big black cows in the pasture across the street..

Biggest adventure: This would have to be when I chased a SKUNK in my back yard one night and got sprayed right in the face....luckily Mom washed my eyes quickly and started the treatment. (Have you ever had to sit with tomato juice dripping off you for 20 minutes?)YUK! Awful! But that SKUNK never came back in my yard again! I did have an aroma for about a month.(even with all those baths). Now, Mom always keeps me on leash when she takes me out at night. She knows I am always on guard duty!

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