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Duffy and Oscar
Breed: Female and Male Cairns
Brisbane, Australia
Duffy and Oscar
Duffy and Oscar
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Born: Jun '01, Oct '99
Breed: Female and Male Cairns
Residence: Brisbane, Australia
Weight: 10 kg, 11.2 kg

Favorite food: Duffy- Everything my mum & dad eats. Oscar- Ice cream.

Favorite toy: Duffy- Balls and toys that squeak. Oscar- I'm a bit too tuff for toys.

Favorite activity: Duffy- My favourite activities are chasing balls, hunting for insects, chasing birds and spending lots of time with my mummy & daddy ie I like to follow them everywhere. Oscar- I love hunting and protecting my house for outside dangers.

Special talents: Duffy- My special talent is loving everyone. Oscar- I should get an award for being the most arrogant and grumpy dog ever.

Most embarrassing moment: Duffy- I'm usually embarrass myself daily by being excessively nervous and cautious of strange noises and things, but I'm quite scared of plastic bags. Oscar- My most embarrassing moment was when I stole a whole packet of liver treats and suffered from severe diarrhea, my mum found me with my whole backside completely covered in poo!

Most trouble I ever got into: Duffy- I don't usually get into trouble because I'm a very good girl, unlike my brother, but sometimes I get very dirty digging holes. Oscar- I'm always in trouble, I got in big trouble when I ate my mum's new expensive shoes and made her cry.

My favorite friends: Duffy- My favourite friend is my brother Oscar. Oscar- What do I need friends for I only care about myself, I don't even like my sister Duffy that much, I do like my mum but my dad is really annoying.

Biggest adventure: Duffy- I haven't had any really big adventures like Oscar but I have been swimming at the beach which was fun until I swallowed seawater that made me vomit. Oscar- I'm so cool I've had heaps of adventures but my biggest was when I escaped for a whole day and went into a big shopping centre. I found the meat department but people tried to chase me out so I hid in the bakery section but I got caught and the City Council had to call my mum to pick me up.

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