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McTavish and Haggis
Breed: Male and Female Westies
Warner Robins, Georgia
McTavish and Haggis
McTavish and Haggis
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Born: Feb. 1994, Sugar (unknown)
Breed: Male and Female Westies
Residence: Warner Robins, Georgia
Weight: 22 lbs, 21 lbs, 13.2 lbs

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A rescue's life in her forever home!

Favorite food: MacTavish- I love chicken or turkey! My fave. Haggis- I will do anything for chicken or turkey! Sugar- Anything. I love to eat!!

Favorite toy: MacTavish- I'm from the UK originally. What do you think? A soccer ball of course. Haggis- My gorilla plush squeaky toy is mine, all mine....rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Sugar- Whatever my new brothers are playing with

Favorite activity: MacTavish- I'm a mommy's boy. Love to to be with her everywhere she goes. I especially like to bark at her when she's in the pool so that I can save her if she should be in danger of drowning! I love to play with my soccer ball and I adore chasing squirrels with my brother, Haggis. Haggis- Chasing Dad and chasing those rowdy squirrels in the back garden are the best times of all. Sugar- Living life! I am a rescue westie and life is now GRAND.

Special talents: MacTavish- While my brother Haggis tinkled on Santa's leg during a photo, I pulled off his beard. I knew he was a fraud! Haggis- I like to surf in the pool on Mom's float! I'm pretty good at it too! Sugar- I give kisses galore. Come on over and I'll show ya.

Most embarrassing moment: MacTavish- After flying from England to JFK, Mommy took me out of my crate and I had a poo poo. A New Yorker scolded me and Mommy got mad at him! I held it as long as I could! Mommy always is there for me. Haggis- I'm embarrassed to say that I tinkled on Santa's leg during a photo op. Sugar- Young ladies never tell all their secrets.

Most trouble I ever got into: MacTavish- When I lived in England, I was caught chewing (as a puppy) on Mom's antique sideboard. She wasn't happy! Haggis- I like to dig in Dad's vegetable garden and he doesn't like it much. I don't understand it. Sugar- am a Houdini and I gave my forever mommy a scare and ran out the front door. What was I thinking?! Mommy came right after me and hugged me so tight. I don't know what go into me!

My favorite friends: MacTavish- I love everyone, especially children! They have as much energy as I have! Haggis- My brother, McTavish and anyone who visits. I love children the best! We both love to sniff, bark, and tinkle on the noses of the two Westies that live over the fence in our back garden. They do the same to us!! (Robbie and Mac live over the fence and they are as cute as we are!) Sugar- I love my new brothers, Haggis and McTavish...shhh...don't tell them yet!

Biggest adventure: MacTavish- Flying from England to New York was scary. However, I did like the drive from New York to Georgia. Mommy and Daddy gave us lots of walking breaks and great attention to make up for the long yucky flight! Haggis- Flying from England to the United States was trying! I didn't see mum until we landed at JFK. She was so happy to see me and just think, I didn't even soil my crate! I am a lad! Sugar- Being rescued by my angel, Georgia. She took me off Death Row at the shelter in Arkansas. Her husband took me to Nashville to stay the night with Lisa (a Terrier Club member). My forever daddy came to Nashville to take me to my forever home in Georgia. Now I live with my forever family, happily ever after.

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