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Captain Morgan
Breed: Male Westie
Eolia, Missouri
Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan
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Born: July, 1997
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: Eolia, Missouri
Weight: 19 pounds

My Family
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Admiral Sparky Nelson

Favorite food: Frosty Paws, Little Ceasars, and Puppy Treats

Favorite toy: Blue Bone, purple pig, rabbit, green banana

Favorite activity: Walks, chasing small furry critters, and sleeping, going for car rides, and going to the dog park

Special talents: Begging, head wagging, chasing furry critters
I always put my toys away in the corner, when done, and always greet guests at the door with a toy.

Most embarrassing moment: While visiting a restaurant with mom and friends, I saw a sign for beer that said get wet, so the sign did. I peed on it.

Most trouble I ever got into: Trying to chase a car.

My favorite friends: Anna, Muffy and all my dogster pals
Jade, Attie, Maggie, Caffrey, DT, Bella, Ichy, Woodie, Pooh, Tig, Furby, Dixie, Billy, Boo, Wendy and New ones made everyday.

Biggest adventure: Going to Canada.

My web page: Captain Morgan's Website

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Member since 09/05/2006
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