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Breed: Female Westie
Ellis, Kansas
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Born: March, 2001
Breed: Female Westie
Residence: Ellis, Kansas
Weight: 10 pounds

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Favorite food: I like almost everything.

Favorite toy: I like whatever Bailey has.

Favorite activity: My favorite thing to do is to run around outside as fast as I can until I collapse. I also like to torment the cats.

Special talents: My sister, Bailey, needs a special stool to jump up on the bed. I wait for her to get up there, and then I pull the stool away. She has to stay up there until Mom comes home and rescues her. You'd think Bailey would learn but I do it over and over and over! :)

Most embarrassing moment: I didn't realize how close I was to the edge of the steps and I fell clear to the bottom! Hardwood floors are slippery!!!

Most trouble I ever got into: So far the worst thing I've ever done is eat the woodwork. The wood putty Mom uses doesn't taste nearly as good!

My favorite friends: Bailey, my Westie sister, and my human brother and sisters' dogs, Chino, Luna and Copper.

Biggest adventure: Driving from my original home in Nebraska to Kansas. Bailey was not a happy camper but I had a great time. She likes me lots better now!

Member since 08/28/2001
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