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Sue & Booker
Member PageMember Page August 16 at 14:17
Request for Cushings Advice/Support Vote for this post

I am making this request for Liza, Howard's mom.

Howard is an older Westie that has been diagnosed and is now being treated for Cushings. They live here in the Twin Cities - in fact, Howard was our Senior King in the parade last year. He is also a retired Certified Therapy Dog.

Liza is looking for people that can share experiences, advice, medication issues, etc. with her. She needs someone to give her some support or provide some sources of information for her. I offered to post this here since I thought she would get a good response due to our large numbers of members.

If you would like to contact Liza, her email is LSBrazelton@hotmail.com She really wants to talk to people who have experience with this disease. I also have her telephone number if you would prefer to phone her.

Thanks in advance for helping Liza!


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