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Moshe & Levi
Member PageMember Page May 04, 2007 at 12:40
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Moshe has been doing great on the dogfood. He looks slimmer already have been cutting his chicken strip in half every morning just like I do with Levi. I bought first the Natural Balance allergy and the next bag was sweet potato and fish. Moshe is not that keen on it he will eat it if I mix it. I have been mixing it in Levis food too half and half. I want to quit using his food Natural choice because it has Beet pulp in it.It stains his beard that was the reason I quit using it when Moshe was young.It does give a beautiful coat I never seen a prettier coat than Levi.It shines and it so silky and soft.It is a shame Petco don't carry small backs of Lamb and Rice only the big bag and with just two dogs that would go bad soon. They do not get more than a cup. We have cut down a lot and Moshe looks smaller in de face too.
Thanks for all your input.
Love & Hugs ,Moshe ,Levi & Yoka

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