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Jolly Rodgers
Member PageMember Page May 30, 2006 at 19:09
Miracle, May 30 update! Vote for this post

This is forwarded from Valerie Kleine, Col. Potter's intake person. Miracle is still living up to his name! Darlene and Jolly, FL

The report I received on our little Miracle today was VERY good! I'm going to let you hear directly from one of the wonderful vets that has been caring for and treating Miracle. Following is an email I received from her this afternoon summarizing our phone conversation and also sending some pictures of Miracle's open wounds and once they were sutured closed. The four pictures won't all fit in this email, so I'll follow-up with a second email with the second set of pictures. This vet has been wonderful to work with and very caring about Miracle. I was just informed this afternoon that they are donating the boarding cost for Miracle. This is just such a very generous gesture and is so much appreciated!

Well, here's the message I received:

When he came to us on Monday you could hardly tell he was alive. His head, neck, and front legs were covered in bite wounds, filth and maggots. He was cleaned up and shaved. The first time I saw the wounds on Wednesday the smell could knock you out and the tissue underneath looked like spoiled hamburger. Daily changes of wet to dry bandages slowly removed the infection and cleared the necrotic debris. With each bandage change the smell improved and the tissue turned pink. By Friday you could not smell him coming. As he is healing physically he is healing emotionally as well. Wednesday he growled when you went to get him. Now he meets you with a smiling face and a wagging tail. Partly because he feels better and partly because he now knows he is safe. (He loves to snuggle) Today was a big day for him and we closed his wounds, cleaned his teeth and neutered him. It was a bit of a challenge closing the wound under his arm and it may not heal perfectly, but he is awake, smiling and well on the road to recovery. Thank you all for saving him and giving him life again!

Valerie Kleine
VP of Intakes
Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network

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