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Name (Owner): Susan
Location: Parkville, MO, Platte
Terrier(s): Dougall (Male Westie)
Date Joined: 08/31/2009
Notes: Own two Westies, Dougall soon to be 2 and rescued Maxie through MO Rescue one year ago. Maxie is approx. 6 yrs old, rescue did not have age since she was found in Minnesota winter. Nov. 09 our beloved Maxie died and we have since rescued a westie female puppy we named Fiona. She keeps us all very busy. Married with 3 grown daughters, one granddaughter - 3 mos old and another soon to be born Feb. 2010. Work part-time, spend a lot of time with Westies, husband, family.We love our two westie kids, spoiled but still have mostly good manners.Maxie died from cancer in Nov. 09 and another little westie was adopted through St. Louis shelter - her name is Fiona. At end of Jan. 2011 another westie puppy Angus McGee was rescued through LWDR. Our little westies are so loving and we enjoy them so much!!

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