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I'm a Westie girl born in PA March 23, 2006. Now I live with my Momma and Daddy in Rhode Island along with my Scottie sister Glinny. My parents have a biscuit making business called Happy Tails Bakery, so I'm surrounded by homemade biscuits everyday--CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! My parents are definitely dog people, and I have got a happy, loving forever home.
Cute as a button

Just starting off

This is me in Pennsylvania where I was born. Momma and Daddy wanted a picture so badly of me when they were considering picking me up, and the breeder sent them this. How could they not melt? HEHE...all part of my plan.
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Our girl at six weeks

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Momma says we're a cuddling family, so she started me right off with the snuggling. I'm all terrier, but have to admit, I like a good cuddle now and then.
Momma's girl

My favorite things

As you can see, I'm a toy hog. I love all my toys, but I usually want to play with the toy my big sister Glinny is playing with. Yeah, I get on her nerves sometimes, but we still get along. Until I showed up, though, she used to get all the toys.
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They're all mine I say!

My Latest News
Recently got my first "big-girl" haircut at Phil's dog grooming. He's a very nice man, and Momma and Daddy said I look beautiful. They said I look like a right proper Scottish lassie--whatever that means.
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