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Haley CEmail - 10/02/06 at 17:05
     Hi! Your cairn is so cute, I have a cairn terrier too, she is sandy-blonde, but not on the site b/c it costs too much! Tessie(my cairn) lives in California(San Diego), and loves hanging out on the Del Mar beach!
Leslie and KatieEmail - 02/20/05 at 23:37
     Oh Dugan, you are just so sweet and sooooooo cute!! Kisses from, Leslie and my Katie xxooo
Emily and ArchieEmail - 08/09/04 at 04:49
     Dear Dugan what a wonderful website, you are very cte indeed. Happy birthday. lots of love Emily and Archie (your friends from the Terrier Club)
BFHEmail - 05/13/04 at 06:09
     Great page Dugan you looks terrific great pictures off you. XXX BFH
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