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Click to see larger photo Me and Mommie 1 week before I could go home...

I had a beautiful Westie named Mollie. She lived 14+ wonderful years.
She went to the Rainbow Bridge, and I got my Katie 2 months after. And what a good thing it was...
As a puppy she was a real live wire. Into absolutely everything...But boy, is she a dear...
"I think mommie loves me already...hee hee"

Katie's first day home.

My first day home I was very curious about everything.
The second day home I was going up and down the stairs, and giving my mom constant scares. I even pooped on the dining room wall...
Click to see larger photo
"Okay, I Am Here. Now What Am I Supposed To Do?"

Click to see larger photo My family

I have a wonderful and loving gramma, grampa, and auntie Joanie...
They think I am pretty cute.
"Sooooo Big..."

My favorite things

I love to go for walks. I love the homemade treats that mommies makes for me. I love all my toys, especially playing ball. I love my swimming pool. I love chicken, prime rib, steak, you name it. I love life. I love my mommie and she loves me...I am a happy little loved girl...
Click to see larger photo
"Puppy Kindergarten Grad..."

My Latest News
I was born October 20, 2001.
I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. When I came home I weighed a big huge 5 pounds.

When I get frustrated I can talk...mommie says I am grumbling...hee hee

I can catch a ball in mid air.

I kiss everyone I meet...Postman, cable guy, lawn people, store clerks, anyone---I am also very kissable...{{smooch}}
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