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My Personality: Very outgoing
Moderately friendly
Somewhat reserved
Very shy
My Energy Level: Very active
Moderately active
Rather inactive (I love to sleep)
Total couch potato
My Physical Shape: Very slim
Slim but stocky
A bit overweight
Just shy of blimp size
My Dietary habits: I'll eat anything, anytime
I eat just when I'm hungry
I only like "people food"
I'm a finicky eater
Generosity: I share all my toys and foods with anyone
I'll share my toys, but only for a treat
NO ONE gets near my food
I hate sharing anything - the world is MINE
Affection Level: Kisses are free and plentiful to everyone
I'll give you a nose kiss if I feel like it
Kisses are only for cookies or treats, thank you
Kisses - ick - who knows where you've been?
My Disposition: I'm very happy-go-lucky
I have my bad moods now and then
I'll sulk if you don't give me enough attention
I'm a bit of a hermit sometimes
Favorite place to sleep: In my bed or crate
On the floor (carpet or rugs are best)
On my mom's (or dad's) bed
In my mom's (or dad's) bed
My likes and dislikes
Favorite Toys:

Frisbees (flying discs)

Tug 'o war toys
Stuffed animals (DON'T
check this if you KILL 'EM)
Shoes (DO check this if you KILL 'EM)
Clothing items I steal from the closet
Toilet paper or stuff from the wastebasket

Favorite Activities:

Going for walkies (duh!)
Chasing critters
Watching TV
Pestering everyone in the house
Begging relentlessly for food
Sleeping on the furniture

Things I love:

The "C-A-T"
Going in the car (DON'T check this if you fuss)
Getting a bath or being brushed
Sleeping on the A/C or heater grate
Kids or people in "my" yard
Stealing food from the table
Dog food

Things I hate:

Any "C-A-T"
Going to the vet
Getting a bath
Having my teeth cleaned or nails clipped
Kids or people in "my" yard
The vacuum cleaner or broom
Dog food

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