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Breed: Male
Villa Rica, Georgia
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Born: February, 1999
Breed: Male
Residence: Villa Rica, Georgia
Weight: 14 pounds

Favorite food: Turkey and Rice

Favorite toy: My pig that "oinks".

Favorite activity: Helping my daddy around the farm and playing in my "hay fort" my daddy built for me. I also love to go riding.

Special talents: I "won" my Mommy and Daddy's heart. When they found me "left" in the house they purchased.

Most embarrassing moment: After the "rooster incident". I had feathers on me and "in" me. I had feathers coming from me when I sneezed, coughed, pooped, and just walked.

Most trouble I ever got into: When I decided that the rooster must be hot with all those feathers and decided to help him cool off by removing them from him!

My favorite friends: Bambi, Pie, Seamus, Doogie, Rocky and Madison, Rod Stewart, The Beach kids, and my BEST friend is my Daddy!

Biggest adventure: I used to live in this house with some more dogs and two humans. They took all the furniture and their stuff and left. The only thing they didn't take was ME. I was scared until I met my Mommy and Daddy. I liked them even though I did bite Daddy's hand when we first "met". I decided they could stay in MY house (after all I was here first). So I adopted them and we are all one big happy (?) family.

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