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On November 23, 2001 I lost my lovely Molly Malone , it was much to soon she would be 10 in Feb. but her kidneys shut down and there was nothing to be done and she was getting weaker and I could not let that sweet girl suffer. I held her in my arms as she went to the Rainbow Bridge were she would be strong and well. I miss my little Buttercup so much, she was always at my side my faithful friend. May God hold you in the hallow of His Hands Molly till we meet again.


Annie-Laurie the tiniest of all my Cairns who was born on 11/14/96 and with out a doubt the most trouble, Annie wakes up growling, my alpha Annie, she must be first, first to eat, first out side, first with the toys or treats. If I pick up one of the other dogs she will try to bite them, she is the kind of dog who I am sorry to say end up in a pound, but we love her she is our "Banana". We do take precautions when we give treat or someone comes over, so there will be no fights, to us she is very loving and gives kisses all the time. Annie was bought for me because I was so unhappy over the loss of the best litte dog in the world Bridget. Don't get me wrong I love my little Angel and must live with her the way she is, she does keep us on our toes.
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Casey "my little man",was a stray I saw his picture on Petfinder he was in a kill shelter in Leavenworth,KS and the name they gave him was Griff. I posted his picture and info to Cairn Rescue,as he was almost out of time,he need a foster home so I said I would foster him,now to get him from KS to Chicago. I called shelter and he was still there but when Kaaren from Cairn rescue in KS called they told her he had been PTS. I felt so awful when I heard that, I called to find out why they would do that to a dog that a rescue group was interested in and they told me it was a number mix up and Griff was still there, I new then that I wanted this little guy,so he was pulled and taken to a vet and I would travel to my sister's in DesMoines and the next day to KS to get him. So Molly and I took off for Iowa, the next day I woke up with a very bad case of the flu,now what. But as luck would have it my nieces father-in-law was coming to DesMoines from MO and would swing by and pick him up,so he made his way to Iowa that was 12/6/00 and when I felt better Molly, the newly christen Casey and I left to go home to Chicago. The vet though he was about 2 1/2, how he became a stray I will never know, I was thinking of calling him Toto because he fell from a star called Kansas, but there are just to many Cairns called Toto,so he became Casey from Kansas. Casey is very good at staying out of his three sister's way. I am very happy this wonderful little boy came into my life.


My poor little Emma had been turned in to a kill shelter in NC because she was 11 mo old and still not trained and would go in the house, she was rescued by Diana of Dogcrazy Kennel in Pisgah Forest,NC. I saw her picture on Petfinder and knew I wanted this darling little girl,so on 11/17/00 I flew from Chicago to Charlotte,SC changed planes and on to Ashville,NC,met with Diana and her young son and Emma waiting in the car,visited with them for a while and then we left for home. Emma was in a carrier at my feet, two planes and 1 hour wait at Charlotte and a car trip from O'Hara Airport to home and never a peep from Emma,and with just a little walk at Charlotte no little accidents. Emma was 1yr old on 12/24/00 and she is now trained. My Emma is a love she is just the sweeties girl.
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I now have six cairns Annie ,Casey,Emma,Westchester,Rascal and Taylor
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