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Lynn's kids consist of Muzby (westie-poo), Maggie (Avon Terrier), and Molly (hound mix). They have three feline silbling, Tallica, Lucy, and Taz. Having six "kids" makes for an exciting time for their Mom, Lynn, and Dad, Bruce. Pictures here is Molly.

A bit of history

Molly arrived to our home in June, 1999. She was a pup who had been adopted my Lynn's son who soon learned it was difficult to train a puppy and have a small daughter and son, too. Muzby was adopted in October of 2001. He was 6-1/2 weeks at the time and tiny. Maggie, our newest "kid" is our most recent addition. We adopted her from Willow Hill Kennel Nov. 30, 2002.
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Our family consists of Mom (Lynn), Dad (Bruce), Molly, Muzby, Maggie, Tallica, Lucy, and Taz. There is never a dull moment here. The pups play and at times their play includes harassing their feline siblings. It's all in good fun and everyone seems to get along well.

My favorite things

Muzby, Molly, and Maggie enjoy dinner time and playing "ball" most. Molly and Muzby also enjoy "tag teaming" Maggie. Maggie is a 5-1/2 month old trooper, though. She takes it and dishes it out. Nothing intimidates a true terrier.
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Maggie Again (Spoiled Baby)

My Latest News
Our Mom is excited just to have this website!!!! Besides enjoying her kids, she enjoys creating photo albums (she has one devoted just to her pets) and gardening and visiting with the neighbors on hot summer days.
This website belongs to Muzby, Maggie and Molly

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