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Frank RizzoEmail - 11/24/14 at 14:32
     Nice site, please keep up the good work!
JulieEmail - 05/06/14 at 17:45
     I started a group on Facebook to share our pictures and love of Avons. Spread the word?
Susan - 04/02/14 at 15:33
     My husband and I visited Willow Hill in the summer of 2007 when we bought our Avon terrier. It was clean, orderly, and well-managed. Our dog is fabulous, as were the Grabmeiers. I'm sorry that it fell into bad hands, but our experience was a really good one.
Cindy SEmail - 03/24/14 at 16:59
     What a fun message board! Hoping that you would wish the Grabmeiers well-they did close the breeding kennel. My husband and I purchased breeding stock Avon Terriers and have been continuing to breed a couple litters a year for the last 5 yr. Please consider checking out the website
sue aEmail - 03/10/14 at 21:56
     We got our Avon puppy from Richard and Mary Kay Grabmeier in 2001,We couldn't of been happier with her,she was an amazing dog,very full of energy,and loving.She was wounderful with all the Grandchildren.we are now waiting for the puppies to arrive at thr end of March from Azariah Acres Avons.
CatherineEmail - 10/06/13 at 13:34
     I just received a phone message this morning from the Golden Valley Human Society. Looks like our Cloe is being surrended there today, Sunday 10/6/2013,. I am now in Alaska and cannot take her back. If you are looking to adopt an Avon Terrier, please go to the GVHS.
michelle - 07/15/13 at 15:57
     My mom went to Willow Hill for a cairn which she took-she couldn't bear to leave him in such a dump. He's a sweet, nervous dog with back and hip issues. We smelled the "kennel" before we saw it. It's a total puppy mill. Dogs lined up in little raised wire pens covered in filth, noisy, and dark.
marge smith - 03/02/13 at 21:15
     did any of you witness the living conditions of the dogs at willow hill?
marge smith - 03/02/13 at 21:13
     speaking of the Avon terrier kennels in MN we have a male cairn we purchased there and the kennel was a dump, reeked of urine and the dogs never got out of their pig-sized breeding pens, mom dog could not move! our dog has had many health issues, now he is 12 and psychotic, beware of the place
dan nicholsonEmail - 04/10/12 at 07:32
     Looking for willow hill westie info. We purchased a westie pup in avon mn that was sired by sarah yozamp willow hills kennel. Our little angel has leukemia and we are seeking out information and trying to find mother/father in case we need to pursue bone marrow transplant. Longshot i know...
marionEmail - 09/26/11 at 20:00
     Our Avon, Lily, 2 years old, is such a special girl. Very smart, full of energy and so loving! I would recommend the Avon to anyone looking for a dog for a family. Azariah Acres (Cindy and Kelvin) are the breeders of Avons. Great people and great dogs!
paulaEmail - 12/10/10 at 18:43
     i lv molly and other people xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
pissed off customer - 07/19/10 at 11:30
BurtEmail - 06/25/10 at 09:00
     Our Avon - We have a 9 year old Avon named Dustin that we purchased at Willow Hill from Richard. I have not quite seen a dog with a temperment as unique as the Avon. Equal parts Play and Serenity. He skateboards with us and cuddles equally. Hope others have a chance to experience the Avon.
Laura BaerEmail - 05/14/10 at 10:22
     I have two Avon Terriers. Jeter will be five in August and Bernie 5 in February. I also have a cairn I adopted as my foster from Colonel Potter Cairn Rescue. I adore them all. I have to say I wish that Mr. Grabmeier would consider not breeding anymore and possibly focus on boarding.
clekEmail - 05/04/10 at 11:21
     hello all
marimrjEmail - 04/28/10 at 01:31
     Is the Willow Hill Kennel still in business?
Kathy/Barb CaneffEmail - 03/03/10 at 15:43
     We have an Avon Terrier from Willow Hill Kennel. Her name is Daisy and she is 5 years (11/23/2004). We love her very much. She trained very easy. Good luck Richard!
susan st johnEmail - 02/19/10 at 10:36
     I am searching out the breeder of a wonderful one year old Avon Terrier blacks from St Paul (I saw him yesterday walking down Grand Avenue)---his name is Fergus and I would like a dog just like him. Can you help me? I am wondering if the breeder was from Clara City MN. My phone number is 651-227-14
susanst johnEmail - 02/18/10 at 13:58
     I just SAW the dog of my dreams. An Avon terrier walking down Grand Ave in St PaUL. ONE YEAR OLD HE WAS LAID BACK, INTELLIGENT , HAD THE GAIT OF A WESTIE WITH THE SHINY BLACK COAT OF A SCOTTIE. DO YOU HAVE A PUPPY FROM HIS LITTER? 612-227-1449
rebaluluEmail - 06/23/09 at 09:33
     In response to an entry by Richard G. I would like to say that have adopted four dogs a retired Avon named Madeline, two Cairns and an Irish pup named Riley. Andrea was a caring loving and honest breeder who loved all of the dogs and did not destroy the kennel!She did her best to maintain the Avons
Ann - 05/06/09 at 15:07
     I bought an Avon terrier in 2002 from Willow Hill. She is smart, sensitive, one of the most playful and loving dogs I've ever owned. We love her so much. Her only downside, is that she really does shed. For this one reason, next time I would probably look at another breed.
PamEmail - 04/18/09 at 11:37
     Hi, I have an Avon I got at Willow Hills 4yrs ago. His name is Skipper and hes just the BEST dog ever! He trained very easily and is very well behaved. I never had a dog b4 and can't imagine my life now without Skipper:)
Alice Sue B. - 03/06/09 at 11:01
     I adopted Tonks from Willow Hill in Dec. 07. She was named for a "Harry Potter" character with wild hair and a bold personality. Fits her like a glove! We're doing agility training now, and having a blast!
Kelvin S.Email - 02/18/09 at 20:31
     I ooppsied-- our web address is Stop in our site and enjoy our Willow Hill Avons
Kelvin S.Email - 02/18/09 at 19:52
     My wife(Cindy) and I are very happy to be the pets of 8 Avon Terriers(All from Willow Hills) and puppies. We hope that Richard and Mary Kay find themselves blessed and refreshed as they go forward. It's not just a dog It's an AVON!!!! View pictures at
Richard GrabmeierEmail - 02/07/09 at 21:26
     Hi Folks, Mary Kay and I originated the Avon Terrier. Unfortunatey, we sold the kennel to my daughter who proceeded to destroy it and the base of the Avon Terrier. We are now renovating the kennel and are considering rebuilding the Avon Terrier line. Wish us luck. Rich G.
James K.WoodleEmail - 01/24/09 at 16:47
     Our Chansi came to the West Coast from Willow Hill 9 years ago. Especially enjoys off leash romps on the beach at Cape Meares, Oregon Coast, but has yet to catch a sea gull.
muguEmail - 01/06/09 at 15:14
     nna i dey hereoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
PhilEmail - 04/13/08 at 21:34
     My Sophie came from a family in Clara City Minnesota. Greatest dog that has ever allowed us into her life. This little Avon has a personality like no other. Shares her love equally with all of us. Loves the snow up here in Duluth.
Andrea at Willow HillEmail - 03/27/08 at 12:50
     I have watched this sight for years. Thank you all for your insight, good and bad. I have decided to take all of my dog knowledge and apply it to caring for your dogs. We have renovated the kennel to make a great place for our visitors.
DiannaEmail - 02/13/08 at 18:06
     Hello, I have 4 jack russell terriers, I am having awful troubles with one of them and I have been searching the internet to try and seek some help, could you give me any information or direct me to a site where I could? Thank you, Dianna
kaseyEmail - 09/05/07 at 18:04
     they are so cute mostly maggie
BrittEmail - 05/02/07 at 23:08
     I have a black avon named Bella who is the light of my life. She is the sweetest, most loving dog I have ever had. We love her so much that my dad is going to buy another Avon for my mom for mother's day.
JanEmail - 03/23/07 at 23:17
     We have two Avons, they're sisters, from Willow Hill and we are very happy with our four legged fuzzies. They are very funny, affectionate, smart, fast and playful! There's going to be an Avon Terrier Grand Reunion in June in Grand Marais -- watch for more details!
Seeker RainEmail - 03/10/07 at 21:59
     You have a wonderful site and I enjoyed my visit here. It's great to see someone who loves their animals so much! I think others would like your site also and encourage you to join The Site Fights ( I think you and your site would do well in our family friendly environment.
ladonna e. benesEmail - 11/03/06 at 16:08
     Great dogs. I'm impressed. We have an 8mo. old female Scottish Terrier. Our family wants to add a sister or possibly a brother to our cats and dog household. Thanks for the comments, it has been helpful for us as we contemplate the Avon Terrier for adoption. They seem like great little dogs.
NielsEmail - 08/05/06 at 02:36
     Hi, my Wife, Son and I are lucky enough to be sharing our lives with a brindle Avon named "Roxanne Molly" but answers to the shorter "Roxy". She is full of spunk and loves to play. I can hardly imagine a better family pet, though she sometimes steals, but doesn't destroy, socks and stuffed animals.
Laurel from Cold SpringEmail - 06/23/06 at 13:45
     We have a black Avon from Willow Hill named Kirby that has been with our family for about a year. He is so gentle, doesn't yip or yap and is very affectionate but PLAYFUL! High energy, and he needs his walks or he becomes naughty. He was a fast learner and we LOVE him.
TheresaEmail - 01/22/06 at 19:01
     Hi, What a neat site. I have a 6 month old Avon and named her Maggie. I got her from Willow hill.I love her dearly. She has a lot of energy but also sits on my lap and snuggles. She loves to ride in the car and has never been car sick.
MarneEmail - 12/15/05 at 11:53
     I have 8 month old Georgia (an Avon brindle) from Willow Hill and she is just so much fun and the most affectionate dog. I can't imagine my life without her. I would get another one in a heartbeat. Andrea and her fmaily at Willow Hill are great!
LuAnnEmail - 11/14/05 at 22:44
     What type of crate should I get my future Avon pup? I am getting one very soon and I am so excited! There are wire ones and portable plastic ones--which one is best for training? Do I get the small size? I just want to do everything right. Any good websites or books you can suggest? Thanks!
LauraEmail - 11/06/05 at 20:50
     I am thinking of getting an Avon from Willow Hill or possibly a Cairn from another source. Anybody have an opinion as to why one would be better than another. Secondly, any opinion on whether males or females are more affectionate? Thank you very much for any insights.
CatherineEmail - 10/21/05 at 10:53
     We got our Cloe end of Aug 2005 at 9 w.o. and 2 lbs 06 oz. She is now 4 months old and 5 lb 04 oz. She loves our cat Smokey who knows to get away when she chews his ears too much... I'd love to meet other Avon in the Burnsville area.
Misty & Torii's mom from Lkvl - 08/09/05 at 19:16
     2 yr old, Misty, welcomes little bro, Torii (10 wks). We really wanted a 2nd Avon after owning many breeds of dog. He's smart, loving, playful, almost potty trained, adaptable, etc... We look forward to many happy years with both of them.
Misty's mom from Lakeville - 07/27/05 at 14:43
     We are picking up a 2nd Avon Friday. Andrea has taken over for her folks. Very professional, knows dog care. Sent email pictures. Her kids socialize with the pups. Avon's are a great family pet.
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